The Rubber dam has become a kind of new-type water conservancy project building as the development of macromolecule synthetic material industry.(Rubber dam) The dam tube is made of high strong synthetic fibers as its strength skeleton and synthetic rubber as its anti-abrasion layer. It has taken place of such construction material as the soil, stone, wood, steel, etc. which used from ancient time. In addition, it is an innovation of the construction material. (rubber dam)


Mooring bollards manufactured using the sand casting method with the materials of choice being either steel or ductil

iron.( Bollard) Other types of cast iron can be used, but they lack the predictable ductile failure mode preferred by Engineers. The choice of whether to use cast steel or cast iron is usually a preference of the customer, often decided by what is currently being used. 1. Kidney Bollard, 2. Horn Bollard, 3. Tee Bollard .(Bollard)


Rubber lining with different base of polymer ( NR, Blend of PBR, EPDM, CR, CSM, IIR, BIIR,CIIR,NBR, blending of NR with synthetic rubber, PTFE)  Cold rubber lining with different base of polymer  Any kind of covering such as PU,PVC and epoxy and polyester resin (Rubber Lining)


Buoy .This is a float structure of P.U (poly uretane) or metal for different goal on seas , rivers and oceans . this can be a sign of danger to close the rock or a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards (Buoy)....


"BSB” fenders manufacture from different type of rubber compound according to the requirements of site conditions. Base of these compounds are different such as natural rubber and synthetic rubbers like SBR, EPDM or blend of them .Final compound have excellent U.V resistance, ozone resistance aging, abrasion resistance, resistance of seawater and extreme climate conditions, etc. and final production have specification according to customer request and international standard. (Fender)