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  • BASPAR SAZE BANDAR Company established in 2009.The Company is trading and manufacturing Co.

    This company design & manufacture and install any kind of marine & mineral and transferring production such as rubber fender with/without panel, rubber dams, petroleum parts and equipment, bollard, buoy, pontoon, elastomeric bearing, expansion joints, material handling systems among the most important systems of which are conveyor belts and drum motor, roll covering, rubber formulation for compounding and etc.

    In the other way, this Company import and export different kind of chemical material and other productions such as composite parts and material, different kind of adhesive for bonding rubber, metal and plastic to each other, raw material for rubber, plastic and metal parts.

    With respect to the potentiality of the expert of mentioned units the company has designed, manufactured and installed, chain metal, bucket conveyor belts and spiral conveyors with different industrial equipment’s as ordered

  • Design, manufacture and installation of any kind of rubber fenders /Design, manufacture and installation of rubber dams
    • Design, manufacture and installation of  marine equipment and incorporation ,any kind of Bollard
    • Design, manufacture and installation of  metal structure
    • Design, manufacture and installation of  elastomeric bearing and expansion joint
    Design, manufacture and installation of  Fendering system






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Tenth International Conference of  beaches , ports & marine  structures                                                                   (ICOPMAS ) in 2012 ....

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Baspar saze bandar company has all labratory equipment and can do all the tests on crude Compound Laboratory